Earlier this year, I spent over four months living in Nova Scotia. Never in my life had I lived close to the sea, and for years it had been on my bucket list. So we went. And for me, living there, working so close to the land and to the sea, it was one of those times in your life that changes you forever.

Being in Nova Scotia offered me a new way of looking and seeing. We met wonderful, intensely creative, brilliant people who I know will be life-long friends. We hiked together, climbed waterfalls together, had many late nights talking poetry and art over the dinner table. It was like another world—our lives forever enriched by just being with them.

It never ceases to amaze me how your surroundings can influence you. The landscape will work itself into you. This force is so powerful you don't have a say in the matter. Your surroundings aren’t what you make of them, you are what they make of you.

By this time next year, the sculptures will be teeming with new growth, technicolor blooms, bees buzzing. Morning glories and grapes will climb their way up. I wonder what the birds will think of them--will they use them as perches or create nooks for nests?  

I hope so.