Video Still from  What Gifts the Rain May Bring , S.B. Gon  c  arova 2014.

Video Still from What Gifts the Rain May Bring, S.B. Goncarova 2014.

Sculpture in Light and Sound

Sarah Beth Goncarova is an artist whose visually striking, resonant works explore the balance between the natural and technological landscape. Her art ranges from experiential sculptural installation, using optoelectronics, haptics, and sound, to social practice art, painting, and time-based performance. Trained as a musician, sculptor and architect, she has broadened her scope into such fields as robotics and cytology. Goncarova challenges the conventional role of art in 21st century society, recasting the artist as visionary and innovator.


Combining natural materials with sensors and circuitry, Goncarova skillfully creates magical worlds of light, shadow, sound and silence. Her fantastical environments reveal themselves to the curious, offering a plethora of sensory delights, leading to moving reflections on our primordial relationship between inner and outer landscapes.


For her installation "Cherry Blossom" she built a life-sized cherry blossom tree that senses and amplifies the viewer’s heartbeat through pulses of sound and light. For her jellyfish project, Goncarova created colorful hypnotic dances of swimming robotic jellyfish, redefining code as choreography. Her newest piece, "A Beacon for Pollinators Lost and Confused" will be installed October 2016. "Beacon" will in effect a homing device for pollinators affected by Colony Collapse Disorder. 


This artist’s constant experimentation with new technology and her visionary sense of beauty makes her work awe-inspiring to experience, engaging us visually and viscerally. Moreover, through co-opting technologies of male-dominated fields such as animatronics and artificial intelligence, she questions the absence of women in technology and reasserts women’s place in innovation in the 21st century. Art enrichment workshops to introduce young artists (grades 5-7) to beginning electronics through art installation are currently under development.


Goncarova received a BFA in Sculpture and Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Maryland. Her paintings and sculptural installations have been exhibited at venues such as the Museo de Arte in Sinaloa, Mexico, the Espaco Cultural Sérgio Porto in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, the LuXun Academy of Fine Arts in Shenyang, China, and the A.I.R. Gallery at the DUMBO Art Center in Brooklyn, NY.


For inquiries about commissioning an installation, the art enrichment workshop or scheduling a studio visit, please write us at studio at goncarova dot com. For purchase information for paintings or sculptures, please visit:,, or